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Enriching Context Information for Entity Linking with Web Data
DEM: Deep Entity Matching Across Heterogeneous Information Networks
User Account Linkage Across Multiple Platforms with Location Data
A Survey on Blocking Technology of Entity Resolution
ATLRec: An Attentional Adversarial Transfer Learning Network for Cross-Domain Recommendation
Towards Accurate Bit Error Simulation in Wireless Sensor Networks Including Environmental Influences
A Multi-Point Distance-Bounding Protocol for Securing Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications
Data Security and Privacy in Bitcoin System: A Survey
Preserving Privacy of Software-Defined Networking Policies by Secure Multi-Party Computation
Cognition-Driven Traffic Simulation for Unstructured Road Networks
Color Image Super-Resolution and Enhancement with Inter-Channel Details at Trivial Cost
Window Detection in Facades Using Heatmap Fusion
Active Learning Query Strategies for Classification, Regression, and Clustering: A Survey
Feature Selection for Malware Detection on the Android Platform Based on Differences of IDF Values
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