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EasyModel: A Refinement-Based Modeling and Verification Approach for Self-Adaptive Software
Detecting Anomalous Bus-Driving Behaviors from Trajectories
Fault-Tolerant Hamiltonicity and Hamiltonian Connectivity of BCube with Various Faulty Elements
A Spatiotemporal Causality Based Governance Framework for Noisy Urban Sensory Data
Minimum Time Extrema Estimation for Large-Scale Radio-Frequency Identification Systems
Chinese Word Segmentation via BiLSTM+Semi-CRF with Relay Node
Comparison Between Deep Learning Models and Traditional Machine Learning Approaches for Facial Expression Recognition in Ageing Adults
Machine Learning Techniques for Software Maintainability Prediction: Accuracy Analysis
Evaluating and Improving Linear Regression Based Profiling: On the Selection of Its Regularization
Evaluating and Constraining Hardware Assertions with Absent Scenarios
Item Cold-Start Recommendation with Personalized Feature Selection
Mining Design Pattern Use Scenarios and Related Design Pattern Pairs: A Case Study on Online Posts
FATOC: Bug Isolation Based Multi-Fault Localization by Using OPTICS Clustering
Predicted Robustness as QoS for Deep Neural Network Models
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