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A Multi-Agent Spatial Logic for Scenario-Based Decision Modeling and Verification in Platoon Systems
MEBS: Uncovering Memory Life-Cycle Bugs in Operating System Kernels
Trace Semantics and Algebraic Laws for Total Store Order Memory Model
Symbolic Reasoning About Quantum Circuits in Coq
HRPDF: A Software-Based Heterogeneous Redundant Proactive Defense Framework for Programmable Logic Controller
AMCheX: Accurate Analysis of Missing-Check Bugs for Linux Kernel
Verifying Contextual Refinement with Ownership Transfer
Verification of Real Time Operating System Exception Management Based on SPARCv8
Activity Diagram Synthesis Using Labelled Graphs and the Genetic Algorithm
A Unified Shared-Private Network with Denoising for Dialogue State Tracking
Pre-Train and Learn: Preserving Global Information for Graph Neural Networks
CDM: Content Diffusion Model for Information-Centric Networks
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