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Meaningful Update and Repair of Markov Decision Processes for Self-Adaptive Systems
Checking Causal Consistency of MongoDB
GridDroid---An Effective and Efficient Approach for Android Repackaging Detection Based on Runtime Graphical User Interface
Community Smell Occurrence Prediction on Multi-Granularity by Developer-Oriented Features and Process Metrics
MacroTrend: A Write-Efficient Cache Algorithm for NVM-Based Read Cache
Correlated Differential Privacy of Multiparty Data Release in Machine Learning
On the Discrete-Time Dynamics of Cross-Coupled Hebbian Algorithm
A Blockchain-Based Protocol for Malicious Price Discrimination
DeltaFuzz: Historical Version Information Guided Fuzz Testing
Event-Based Semantics of UML 2.X Concurrent Sequence Diagrams for Formal Verification
TOAST: Automated Testing of Object Transformers in Dynamic Software Updates
Characterizing and Detecting Gas-Inefficient Patterns in Smart Contracts
Simulation Might Change Your Results: A Comparison of Context-Aware System Input Validation in Simulated and Physical Environments
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