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A Survey on 360° Images and Videos in Mixed Reality: Algorithms and Applications
PuzzleNet: Boundary-Aware Feature Matching for Non-Overlapping 3D Point Clouds Assembly
Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation by Digging into Uncertainty Quantification
RC-Net: Row and Column Network with Text Feature for Parsing Floor Plan Images
Emotion-Aware Music Driven Movie Montage
Learning Local Contrast for Crisp Edge Detection
PCRTAM-Net: A Novel Pre-Activated Convolution Residual and Triple Attention Mechanism Network for Retinal Vessel Segmentation
Multi-Feature Fusion Based Structural Deep Neural Network for Predicting Answer Time on Stack Overflow
Augmenting Trigger Semantics to Improve Event Coreference Resolution
Graph Enhanced Transformer for Aspect Category Detection
Bi-GAE: A Bidirectional Generative Auto-Encoder
Improving Open Set Domain Adaptation Using Image-to-Image Translation and Instance-Weighted Adversarial Learning
Natural Image Matting with Attended Global Context
Semi-Supervised Intracranial Aneurysm Segmentation from CTA Images via Weight-Perceptual Self-Ensembling Model
A Quantitative Evaluation of Vector Transcendental Functions on ARMv8-Based Processors
A Semi-Tensor Product Based All Solutions Boolean Satisfiability Solver
Query Authentication Using Intel SGX for Blockchain Light Clients
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