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Just Accepted

Just Accepted:A “Just Accepted” submission is published online shortly after its acceptance for publication prior to technical editing and formatting and author proofing. Please note that technical editing may introduce changes to the manuscript text and graphics which may affect the content, and all legal disclaimers that apply to the journal pertain. In no event shall JCST be held responsible for errors or consequences arising from the use of any information contained in these “Just Accepted” articles. To cite a Just Accepted article, please use its Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which is identical for all formats of publication.

After a manuscript has been technically edited and formatted, it will be removed from the “Just Accepted” and published as an “Online First” article.

Combining KNN with AutoEncoder for Outlier Detection
When Crowdsourcing Meets Data Markets: A Fair Data Value Metric for Data Trading
Spatio-Temporal Location Recommendation for Urban Facility Placement via Graph Convolutional and Recurrent Networks
2k-Vertex Kernels for Cluster Deletion and Strong Triadic Closure
SAIH: A Scalable Evaluation Methodology for Understanding AI Performance Trend on HPC Systems
A Model-Agnostic Hierarchical Framework Towards Trajectory Prediction
Evaluating RISC-V Vector Instruction Set Architecture Extension with Computer Vision Workloads
Hadamard Encoding based Frequent Itemset Mining under Local Differential Privacy Constraints
Approximate Similarity-Aware Compression for Non-Volatile Main Memory
A Novel Three-Staged Generative Model for Skeletonizing Chinese Characters with Versatile Styles
An Enhanced Physical-Locality Deduplication System for Space Efficiency
Label-Aware Chinese Event Detection with Heterogeneous Graph Attention Network
AutoQNN: An End-to-End Framework for Automatically Quantizing Neural Networks
Random Subspace Sampling for Classification with Missing Data
ScenePalette: Contextually Exploring Object Collections through Multiplex Relations in 3D Scenes
Real-time Underwater Image Enhancement using Adaptive Full-Scale Retinex
Shapelet Based Two-step Time Series Positive and Unlabeled Learning
CAGCN: Centrality-Aware Graph Convolution Network for Anomaly Detection in Industrial Control Systems
Motion-inspired Real-time Garment Synthesis with Temporal-consistency
A Probabilistic Framework for Temporal Cognitive Diagnosis in Online Learning Systems
Accurate Robotic Grasp Detection with Angular Label Smoothing
Understanding and Detecting Inefficient Image Displaying Issues in Android Apps
Multimodal Dependence Attention and Large-Scale Data based Offline Handwritten Formula Recognition
VTensor: Using Virtual Tensors to Build a Layout-Oblivious AI Programming Framework
Online Nonstop Task Management for Storm-Based Distributed Stream Processing Engines
CA-DTS: A Distributed and Collaborative Task Scheduling Algorithm for Edge Computing Enabled Intelligent Road Network
10-million atoms simulation of first-principle package LS3DF on Sugon supercomputer
Identity-Preserving Adversarial Training for Robust Network Embedding
Neighborhood Combination Search for Single-Machine Scheduling with Sequence-Dependent Setup Time
Multi-person Respiration Monitoring Leveraging Commodity WiFi Devices
PESTA: An Elastic Motion Capture Data Retrieval Method
Prepartition: Load Balancing Approach for Virtual Machine Reservations in a Cloud Data Center
Model Checking for Probabilistic Multiagent Systems
Hardware Acceleration for SLAM in Mobile Systems
Path-based Multicast Routing for Network-on-Chip of the Neuromorphic Processor
Automatic Target Description File Generation
Parallel Bounded Search for the Maximum Clique Problem
Improving BERT Fine-Tuning via Self-Ensemble and Self-Distillation
Probabilistic fault diagnosis of clustered faults for multiprocessor systems
Chinese Named Entity Recognition Augmented with Lexicon Memory
Context-aware Semantic Type Identification for Relational Attributes
An Online Algorithm Based on Replication for Using Spot Instances in IaaS Clouds
M-LSM: An Improved Multi-Liquid State Machine for Event-Based Vision Recognition
wrBench: Comparing Cache Architectures and Coherency Protocols on ARMv8 Many-Core Systems
BAM_CRS: Blockchain-based Anonymous Model for Cross-domain Recommendation Systems
SHA: QoS-Aware Software and Hardware Auto-tuning for Database Systems
FDNet: A Deep Learning Approach with Two Parallel Cross Encoding Pathways for Precipitation Nowcasting
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation on Sentence Matching Through Self-Supervision
Unsupervised Dialogue State Tracking for End-to-End Task-Oriented Dialogue with a Multi-Span Prediction Network
Multimodal Interactive Network for Sequential Recommendation
Community-Preserving Social Graph Release with Node Differential Privacy
Side-Channel Analysis for the Re-keying Protocol of Bluetooth Low Energy
Improving Performance of Virtual Machine Covert Timing Channel Attacks through Optimized Run-length Encoding
Cognition: Accurate and Consistent Linear Log Parsing using Template Correction
New Proper Reparameterization of Plane Rational Bézier Curves
Characterization of Exact One-Query Quantum Algorithms for Partial Boolean Functions
DyPipe: A Holistic Approach to Accelerating Dynamic Neural Networks with Dynamic Pipelining
SMEC: Scene Mining for E-Commerce
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