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Reduction of Cycle Unification of Type Cpg+r

Hu Yunfa; Wolfgang Bibel;   

  1. Department of Computer Science; Fudan University; Shanghai 200J433; P.R. China Fachgebiet Intellektik; Technische Hochschule Darmstadt; Germany;
  • Online:1998-01-10 Published:1998-01-10

In this paper a class of cycle unification problems called type Cpg+r is studied, and an intuitive representation method, called the position supergraph, is presented to analyze or reduce the cycle problem. A typical case of Cpg+r problems is considered and an algorithm is given, which transforms the original problem of Cpg+r that is of the exponential complexity into a new one that is of the linear complexity when using SLD resolution method. These results are of importance for practice and theory.

Key words: equivalence checking; incremental satisfiability; minimal unsatisfiable formula; model checking;

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