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An Approach to Support IP Multicasting in Networks with Mobile Hosts
A Neural Paradigm for Time-Varying Motion Segmentation
Bounded Algebra and Current-Mode Digital Circuits
A Distributed Algorithm for Multi-Region Problemin BEM
Technical Decisions on Several Key Problems in VHDL High Level Synthesis System
A New Parallel-by-Cell Approach to Undistorted DataCompression Based on Cellular Automatonand Genetic Algorithm
Computing the K-Terminal Reliability for SONET Self-Healing Rings
The Impact of Self-Similar Traffic on Network Delay
A Framework of Auto-Adapting Distributed Object for Mobile Computing
Demand Priority Protocol Simulation and Evaluation
Studies on Algorithms for Self-Stabilizing Communication Protocols
An Approach to Concurrent TTCN Test Generation
An Improvement ofGNY Logic for the Reflection Attacks
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