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A Graphical u-Calculus and Local Model Checking
Multiparty Authentication Services and Key Agreement Protocols with Semi-Trusted Third Party
Optimistic Voting for Managing Replicated Data
Automatic Mesh Generation on a Regular Background Grid
Coordinating Mobile Agents by the XML-Based Tuple Space
CALA: A Web Analysis Algorithm Combined with Content Correlation Analysis Method
Internet Network Resource Information Model
Combining Trigram and Automatic Weight Distribution in Chinese Spelling Error Correction
Structure of Weakly Invertible Semi-Input-Memory Finite Automata with Delay 2
Spontaneous Speech Parsing in Travel Information Inquiring and Booking Systems
Semantic Computation in a Chinese Question-Answering System
Checking Temporal Duration Properties of Timed Automata
An Optimum Placement Search Algorithm Based on Extended Corner Block List
Automatic Generation of Interprocedural Data-Flow Analyzers and Optimizers
An Image Retrieval Method Using DCT Features
Behavior Relativity of Petri Nets
Semi-Online Scheduling with Machine Cost
Distributing and Scheduling Divisible Task on Parallel Communicating Processors
Variables Bounding Based Retiming Algorithm
Clustering DTDs: An Interactive Two-Level Approach
Efficient Non-Repudiation Multicast Source Authentication Schemes
Fair Electronic Cash Based on Double Signatures
Selection of Secure Hyperelliptic Curves of g = 2 Based on a Subfield
Aqueous Computing: A Survey with an Invitation to Participate
A Tracing Algorithm for Surface-Surface Intersections on Surface Boundaries
Physics-Based Loop Surface Modeling
Head Tracking Using Shapes and Adaptive Color Histograms
BIST Design for Detecting Multiple Stuck-Open Faults in CMOS Circuits Using Transition Count
SPMH: A Solution to the Problem of Malicious Hosts
A Model-Based Approach to Object-Oriented Software Metrics
Lower Bound Estimation of Hardware Resources for Scheduling in High-Level Synthesis
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