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Inferring Solids Composed of Linear and Quadratic Surfaces from Incomplete Three Views
Dynamic Retransmission Control for Reliable Mobile Multicast
Mapping PUNITY to UniNet
Fast Algorithms for Revision of Some Special Propositional Knowledge Bases
Characterization of an Auto-Compatible Default Theory
Nonrepudiable Proxy Multi-Signature Scheme
Managing Very Large Document Collections Using Semantics
PHC: A Fast Partition and Hierarchy-Based Clustering Algorithm
Stability Analysis of Buffer Priority Scheduling Policies Using Petri Nets
Outline of Initial Design of the Structured Hypertext Transfer Protocol
IDDT: Fundamentals and Test Generation
A Novel RT-Level Behavioral Description Based ATPG Method
FaSa: A Fast and Stable Quadratic Placement Algorithm
Power Minimization of FPRM Functions Based on Polarity Conversion
A New Dynamical Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Statistical Mechanics
An Admission Control Scheme for End-to-End Statistical QoS Provision in IP Networks
Decomposing a Kind of Weakly Invertible Finite Automata with Delay 2
A Context-Aware Infrastructure for Supporting Applications with Pen-Based Interaction
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