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From Sequential Pattern Mining to Structured Pattern Mining: APattern-Growth Approach
Process Algebra Approach to Reasoning About Concurrent Actions
Single View Based Measurement on Space Planes
Unified Probabilistic Models for Face Recognition from a SingleExample Image per Person
Droplet: A Virtual Brush Model to Simulate Chinese Calligraphy and Painting
Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Image Sequence Using Multiple Motion Estimation Fusion
Improving Retrieval Performance by Region Constraints and Relevance Feedback
Representing Topological Relationships Among HeterogeneousGeometry-Collection Features
Domain-Specific Formal Ontology of Archaeology and Its Application in Knowledge Acquisition and Analysis
Incremental Maintenance of Quotient Cube Based on Galois Lattice
Chopper:Efficient Algorithm for Tree Mining
Discovering User Profiles for Web Personalized Recommendation
Regular Disjunction-Free Default Theories
A Framed Temporal Logic Programming Language
Towards a Theory of Bisimulation for the Higher-Order Process Calculi
An Orientation Update Message Filtering Algorithm in Collaborative Virtual Environment
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