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Penalty Formulations and Trap-Avoidance Strategies for Solving Hard Satisfiability Problems
Parameterized Computation and Complexity: A New Approach Dealing with NP-Hardnes
Formal Verification Techniques Based on Boolean Satisfiability Problem
Adapt Bagging to Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
Searching Databases with Keywords
Effect of Count Estimation in Finding Frequent Itemsets over Online Transactional Data Streams
Online Palmprint Identification System for Civil Applications
Polygonal Shape Blending with Topological Evolutions
A Quotient Space Approximation Model of Multiresolution Signal Analysis
BLOSSOMS: Building Lightweight Optimized Sensor Systems on a Massive Scale
CORBA-Based Analysis of Multi Agent Behavior
Integrating Parallelizing Compilation Technologies for SMP Clusters
Urban Traffic Information Service Application Grid
Viewpoints on Grid Standards
Book Review on "Out of Their Minds: The Lives and Discoveries of 15 Great Computer Scientists"
Predicate mu-Calculus for Mobile Ambients
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