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Knowledge Map: Mathematical Model and Dynamic Behaviors
Bridging Real World Semantics to Model World Semantics for Taxonomy Based Knowledge Representation System
Multi-Scaling Sampling: An Adaptive Sampling Method for Discovering Approximate Association Rules
Fuzzy Constraint-Based Agent Negotiation
Computation on Sentence Semantic Distance for Novelty Detection
Logical Sentences as the Intent of Concepts
Parallel Data Cube Storage Structure for Range Sum Queries and Dynamic Updates
Accomplishing Deterministic XML Query Optimization
Semi-Closed Cube: An Effective Approach to Trading Off Data Cube Size and Query Response Time
Declarative XML Update Language Based on a Higher Data Model
Illumination Invariant Recognition of Three-Dimensional Texture in Color Images
Blending Canal Surfaces Based on PH Curves
Effects of Local-Lag Mechanism on Task Performance in a Desktop CVE System
Arabic Word Recognition by Classifiers and Context
Wavelet Energy Feature Extraction and Matching for Palmprint Recognition
Phase Correlation Based Iris Image Registration Model
Complete Multiple Description Mesh-Based Video Coding Scheme and Its Performance
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