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Integrating mRNA Decay Information into Co-Regulation Study
Liang Chen, Hong-Yu
2005, 20(4): 434-438.
Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Activated by PI3K and ERKTransduced Growth Signals in Human Glioblastoma Cells
Peter M. Haverty, Zhi-Ping Weng, Ulla Hansen
2005, 20(4): 439-445.
Test Data Sets and Evaluation of Gene Prediction Programs on the Rice Genome
Heng Li, Lei Gao, Lin Fang, Tao Liu, Hai-Hong Li, Yan Li, Li-Jun Fang, Hui-Min Xie, Wei-Mou Zheng, Jin-Song Liu, Zhao Xu, Jiao Jin, Yu-Dong Li, Zi-Xing Xing, Shao-Gen Gao, Bai-Lin Hao
2005, 20(4): 446-453.
RNA Structural Homology Search with a Succinct Stochastic Grammar Model
Ying-Lei Song, Ji-Zhen Zhao, Chun-Mei Liu, Kan Liu, Russell Malmberg, Li-Ming Cai
2005, 20(4): 454-464.
Intrinsic Terminator Prediction and Its Application in Synechococcus sp. WH8102
Xiu-Feng Wan, Dong Xu
2005, 20(4): 465-482.
PRIME: A Mass Spectrum Data Mining Tool for De Novo Sequencing and PTMs Identification
Bo Yan, You-Xing Qu, Feng-Lou Mao, Victor N. Olman, Ying Xu
2005, 20(4): 483-490.
Robustness Analysis of the IFN-ν Induced JAK-STAT Signaling Pathway
Zhi-Ke Zi, Zhi-Rong Sun
2005, 20(4): 491-495.
Mechanizing Weakly Ground Termination Proving of Term Rewriting Systemsby Structural and Cover-Set Inductions
Su Feng
2005, 20(4): 496-513.
Action Refinement for Real-Time Concurrent Processes with Urgency
Guang-Ping Qin, Jin-Zhao Wu
2005, 20(4): 514-525.
LFTOP: An LF-Based Approach to Domain-Specific Reasoning
Jian-Min Pang, Paul Callaghan, Zhao-Hui Luo
2005, 20(4): 526-535.
Some Representation Theorems for Recovering Contraction Relations
Ping Hou
2005, 20(4): 536-541.
StarBus+: Distributed Object Middleware Practice for InternetComputing
Huai-Min Wang, Yu-Feng Wang, Yang-Bin Tang
2005, 20(4): 542-551.
A New Retrieval Model Based on TextTiling for Document Similarity Search
Xiao-Jun Wan, Yu-Xin Peng
2005, 20(4): 552-558.
Evolutionary Pseudo-Relaxation Learning Algorithm for Bidirectional Associative Memory
Sheng-Zhi Du, Zeng-Qiang Chen, Zhu-Zhi Yuan
2005, 20(4): 559-566.
Ganglion-Based Balance Design of Multi-Layer Model and Its Watchfulness-Keeping
Hui Wei, Shang-Min Luan
2005, 20(4): 567-573.
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