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Progress in Computational Complexity Theory
Towards a Mathematical Theory of Knowledge
Complexities of Homomorphism and Isomorphism for Definite Logic Programs
L-tree Match: A New Data Extraction Model and Algorithm for Huge Text Stream with Noises
A Generalized Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance Method Without the Cspace Calculation
An Ontology-Based Framework for Semi-Automatic Schema Integration
QoS Support in TDMA-Based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Broadcast-Based Spatial Queries
Fault-Tolerant Wormhole Routing with 2 Virtual Channels in Meshes
Quantitative QoS Management Implement Mechanism In IP- DiffServ
A General Sufficient Condition of Four Positive Solutions of the P3P Problem
A New Technique for Digital Image Watermarking
Robust Non-Frontal Face Alignment with Edge Based Texture
Visual Ontology Construction for Digitized Art Image Retrieval
Generating Symbolic Interpolants for Scattered Data with Normal Vectors
An Efficient Evaluation and Vector Generation Method for Observability-Enhanced Statement Coverage
An Error Recoverable Structure Based on Complementary Logic and Alternating- Retry
Novel Synthesis and Optimization of Multi-Level Mixed Polarity Reed-Muller Functions
Shielding Area Optimization Under the Solution of Interconnect Crosstalk
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