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Inflatable Models
Real-Time Watercolor for Animation
Reflection and Refraction on Implicit Surfaces
Texture Pattern Generation Using Clonal Mosaic Texture Pattern Generation Using Clonal Mosaic
View Dependent Sequential Point Trees
Real-Time Optimal Reach-Posture Prediction in a New Interactive Virtual Environment
Bernoulli Embedding Model and Its Application in Texture Mapping
Representation of Urban Buildings Using Modified Relief Mapping
The Number of Independent Kruppa Constraints from N Images
A New Method of Manifold Mosaic for Large Displacement Images
A Novel Variational Image Model: Towards a Unified Approach to Image Editing
Automatic Shape Control of Triangular B-Splines of Arbitrary Topology
Radial Supershapes for Solid Modeling
DBSC-Based Grayscale Line Image Vectorization
Specification of Initial Shapes for Dynamic Implicit Curve/Surface Reconstruction
Connolly Surface on an Atomic Structure via Voronoi Diagram of Atoms
Determining Knots by Minimizing Energy
Generation of Discrete Bicubic G^1 B-Spline Ship Hullform Surfaces from a Given Curve Network Using Virtual Iso-Parametric Curves
Modeling in Multi-Resolution and Its Applications
Geometric Properties of Ribs and Fans of a Bezier Curve
Efficient Computation of k-Medians over Data Streams Under Memory Constraints
PMC: Select Materialized Cells in Data Cubes
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