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Structural Join and Staircase Join Algorithms of Sibling Relationship
Load Shedding for Window Joins over Streams
MRST---An Efficient Monitoring Technology of Summarization on Stream Data
CLASCN: Candidate Network Selection for Efficient Top-k Keyword Queries over Databases
Composite Distance Transformation for Indexing and k-Nearest-Neighbor Searching in High-Dimensional Spaces
An Ontology-Based Approach for Semantic Conflict Resolution in Database Integration
A Novel Approach to Clustering Merchandise Records
Efficient k-Nearest-Neighbor Search Algorithms for Historical Moving Object Trajectories
Indexing Future Trajectories of Moving Objects in a Constrained Network
An Adaptive Approach to Schema Classification for Data Warehouse Modeling
A Novel Approach to Revealing Positive and Negative Co-Regulated Genes
Efficient Execution of Multiple Queries on Deep Memory Hierarchy
AbIx: An Approach to Content-Based Approximate Query Processing in Peer-to-Peer Data Systems
Analyzing Sequential Patterns in Retail Databases
Tree Expressions for Information Systems
Computational Mechanisms for Metaphor in Languages: A Survey
A Heuristic Clustering Algorithm for Mining Communities in Signed Networks
A Coarse-to-Fine Method for Shape Recognition
Text Classification Using Sentential Frequent Itemsets
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