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An Effective Error Resilient Packetization Scheme for Progressive Mesh Transmission over Unreliable Networks
Higher-Order Level-Set Method and Its Application in Biomolecular Surfaces Construction
Design-for-Testability Features and Test Implementation of a Giga Hertz General Purpose Microprocessor
Synthesizing Service Composition Models on the Basis of Temporal Business Rules
An Access Control Framework for Reflective Middleware
Cache-Based Aggregate Query Shipping: An Efficient Scheme of Distributed OLAP Query Processing
Probabilistic Adaptive Anonymous Authentication in Vehicular Networks
URECA: Efficient Resource Location Middleware for Ubiquitous Environment
Scoped Bellman-Ford Geographic Routing for Large Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks
PEJA: Progressive Energy-Efficient Join Processing for Sensor Networks
Improved Approximate Detection of Duplicates forData Streams Over Sliding Windows
A Semantic Cache Framework for Secure XML Queries
Adaptive Indexing of Moving Objects with Highly Variable Update Frequencies
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