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Space Deformations, Surface Deformations and the Opportunities In-Between
Daniel Cohen-Or
2009, 24(1): 1-5.
Gradient Domain Mesh Deformation - A Survey
Wei-Wei Xu, Kun Zhou
2009, 24(1): 6-18.
Fixing Geometric Errors on Polygonal Models: A Survey
Tao Ju
2009, 24(1): 19-29.
Spherical Parameterization of Marching Cubes IsoSurfaces Based upon Nearest Neighbor Coordinates
Gregory M. Nielson, Li-Yan Zhang, Kun Lee, Adam Huang
2009, 24(1): 30-38.
Loop Subdivision Surface Based Progressive Interpolation
Fu-Hua (Frank) Cheng, Feng-Tao Fan, Shu-Hua Lai, Cong-Lin Huang, Jia-Xi Wang, Jun-Hai Yong
2009, 24(1): 39-46.
Rigidity Constraints for Large Mesh Deformation
Yong Zhao, Xin-Guo Liu, Qun-Sheng Peng, Hu-Jun Bao
2009, 24(1): 47-55.
An Algorithm for Constructing 3D Struts
George W. Hart
2009, 24(1): 56-64.
Evaluation for Small Visual Difference Between Conforming Meshes on Strain Field
Zhe Bian, Shi-Min Hu, Ralph R. Martin
2009, 24(1): 65-75.
An Abstract Reachability Approach by Combining HOL Induction and Multiway Decision Graphs
Sa'ed Abed, Otmane Ait Mohamed, Ghiath Al-Sammane
2009, 24(1): 76-95.
Improved Bounded Model Checking for the Universal Fragment of CTL
Liang Xu, Wei Chen, Yan-Yan Xu, Wen-Hui Zhang
2009, 24(1): 96-109.
Certifying Concurrent Programs Using Transactional Memory
Long Li, Yu Zhang, Yi-Yun Chen, Yong Li
2009, 24(1): 110-121.
Expressing First-Order pi-Calculus in Higher-Order Calculus of Communicating Systems
Xian Xu
2009, 24(1): 122-137.
nPAKE^+: A Tree-Based Group Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Using Different Passwords
Zhiguo Wan, Robert H. Deng, Feng Bao, Bart Preneel, Ming Gu
2009, 24(1): 138-151.
SRF Coloring: Stream Register File Allocation via Graph Coloring
Xue-Jun Yang, Yu Deng, Li Wang, Xiao-Bo Yan, Jing Du, Ying Zhang, Gui-Bin Wang, Tao Tang
2009, 24(1): 152-164.
Summarizing Vocabularies in the Global Semantic Web
Xiang Zhang, Gong Cheng, Wei-Yi Ge, Yu-Zhong Qu
2009, 24(1): 165-174.
Multistage Off-Line Permutation Packet Routing on a Mesh: An Approach with Elementary Mathematics
Kevin Chiew, Yingjiu Li
2009, 24(1): 175-180.
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