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Space Deformations, Surface Deformations and the Opportunities In-Between
Certifying Concurrent Programs Using Transactional Memory
Expressing First-Order pi-Calculus in Higher-Order Calculus of Communicating Systems
nPAKE^+: A Tree-Based Group Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Using Different Passwords
SRF Coloring: Stream Register File Allocation via Graph Coloring
Summarizing Vocabularies in the Global Semantic Web
Multistage Off-Line Permutation Packet Routing on a Mesh: An Approach with Elementary Mathematics
Fixing Geometric Errors on Polygonal Models: A Survey
Spherical Parameterization of Marching Cubes IsoSurfaces Based upon Nearest Neighbor Coordinates
Loop Subdivision Surface Based Progressive Interpolation
Rigidity Constraints for Large Mesh Deformation
An Algorithm for Constructing 3D Struts
Gradient Domain Mesh Deformation - A Survey
Evaluation for Small Visual Difference Between Conforming Meshes on Strain Field
An Abstract Reachability Approach by Combining HOL Induction and Multiway Decision Graphs
Improved Bounded Model Checking for the Universal Fragment of CTL
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