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A Rigorous Architectural Approach to Adaptive Software Engineering
Software, Software Engineering and Software Engineering Research: Some Unconventional Thoughts
Formalisms to Support the Definition of Processes
Architecting Fault Tolerance with Exception Handling: Verification and Validation
Global-to-Local Approach to Rigorously Developing Distributed System with Exception Handling
QoS-Driven Self-Healing Web Service Composition Based on Performance Prediction
Do Rules and Patterns Affect Design Maintainability?
Package Coupling Measurement in Object-Oriented Software
Test-Data Generation Guided by Static Defect Detection
Runtime Monitoring Composite Web Services Through Stateful Aspect Extension
A Secure Elliptic Curve-Based RFID Protocol
Feature-Oriented Nonfunctional Requirement Analysis for Software Product Line
Availability Analysis of Application Servers Using Software Rejuvenation and Virtualization
Demand-Driven Memory Leak Detection Based on Flow- and Context-Sensitive Pointer Analysis
QoS Requirement Generation and Algorithm Selection for Composite Service Based on Reference Vector
A Trust-Based Approach to Estimating the Confidence of the Software System in Open Environments
A Scalable Testing Framework for Location-Based Services
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