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Ling Liu, Wei-Song Shi
2009, 24(5): 805-807.
On the Modeling of Honest Players in Reputation Systems
Qing Zhang, Wei Wei, Ting Yu
2009, 24(5): 808-819.
On Desideratum for B2C E-Commerce Reputation Systems
Anna Gutowska, Andrew Sloane, Kevan A. Buckley
2009, 24(5): 820-832.
H-Trust: A Group Trust Management System for Peer-to-Peer Desktop Grid
Huanyu Zhao, Xiaolin Li
2009, 24(5): 833-843.
WTR: A Reputation Metric for Distributed Hash Tables Based on a Risk and Credibility Factor
Xavier Bonnaire, Erika Rosas
2009, 24(5): 844-854.
Dishonest Behaviors in Online Rating Systems: Cyber Competition, Attack Models, and Attack Generator
Ya-Fei Yang, Qin-Yuan Feng, Yan (Lindsay) Sun, Ya-Fei Dai
2009, 24(5): 855-867.
A Comprehensive and Adaptive Trust Model for Large-Scale P2P Networks
Xiao-Yong Li, Xiao-Lin Gui
2009, 24(5): 868-882.
RCCtrust: A Combined Trust Model for Electronic Community
Yu Zhang, Hua-Jun Chen, Xiao-Hong Jiang, Hao Sheng, Zhao-Hui Wu
2009, 24(5): 883-892.
A Review-Based Reputation Evaluation Approach for Web Services
Hai-Hua Li, Xiao-Yong Du, Xuan Tian
2009, 24(5): 893-900.
ArchSim: A System-Level Parallel Simulation Platform for the Architecture Design of High Performance Computer
Yong-Qin Huang, Hong-Liang Li, Xiang-Hui Xie, Lei Qian, Zi-Yu Hao, Feng Guo, Kun Zhang
2009, 24(5): 901-912.
Parallel LDPC Decoding on GPUs Using a Stream-Based Computing Approach
Gabriel Falcão, Shinichi Yamagiwa, Vitor Silva, Leonel Sousa
2009, 24(5): 913-924.
Adaptive Execution of Jobs in Computational Grid Environment
Sarbani Roy, Nandini Mukherjee
2009, 24(5): 925-938.
Scan Cell Positioning for Boosting the Compression of Fan-Out Networks
Ozgur Sinanoglu, Mohammed Al-Mulla, Noora A. Shunaiber, Alex Orailoglu
2009, 24(5): 939-948.
Aspect-Oriented Modeling and Verification with Finite State Machines
Dian-Xiang Xu, Omar El-Ariss, Wei-Feng Xu, Lin-Zhang Wang
2009, 24(5): 949-961.
Interactive Fault Localization Using Test Information
Dan Hao, Lu Zhang, Tao Xie, Hong Mei, Jia-Su Sun
2009, 24(5): 962-974.
Leapfrog: Optimal Opportunistic Routing in Probabilistically Contacted Delay Tolerant Networks
Ming-Jun Xiao, Liu-Sheng Huang, Qun-Feng Dong, An Liu, Zhen-Guo Yang
2009, 24(5): 975-986.
Estimation of a Population Size in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
Shao-Liang Peng, Shan-Shan Li, Xiang-Ke Liao, Yu-Xing Peng, Nong Xiao
2009, 24(5): 987-997.
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