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Customer Activity Sequence Classification for Debt Prevention in Social Security
Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Methods in Cultural Modeling
Ubiquitous Mining with Interactive Data Mining Agents
Exploring Social Annotations with the Application to Web Page Recommendation
Innovative Batik Design with an Interactive Evolutionary Art System
SimK: A Large-Scale Parallel Simulation Engine
Godson-T: An Efficient Many-Core Architecture for Parallel Program Executions
Selected Crosstalk Avoidance Code for Reliable Network-on-Chip
PARBLO: Page-Allocation-Based DRAM Row Buffer Locality Optimization
A Comparison Study of Moving Object Index Structures
Approximating Geographical Queries
Logic Programs, Compatibility and Forward Chaining Construction
Distributed Coordinator Election Scheme for QoS Support and Seamless Connectivity in WPANs
Integrated Framework for Vehicle Interior Design Using Digital Human Model
A New Gradient Fidelity Term for Avoiding Staircasing Effect
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