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Semantic Interoperability Aggregation in Service Requirements Refinement
Goal-Based Automated Code Generation in Self-Adaptive System
A Cloud-Based Trust Model for Evaluating Quality of Web Services
Web Service Composition Based on QoS Rules
A Cloud-Based BPM Architecture with User-End Distribution of Non-Compute-Intensive Activities and Sensitive Data
Modeling and Verifying Concurrent Programs with Finite Chu Spaces
A Hybrid Set of Complexity Metrics for Large-Scale Object-Oriented Software Systems
Measuring Structural Quality of Object-Oriented Softwares via Bug Propagation Analysis on Weighted Software Networks
Covering-Based Routing Algorithms for Cyclic Content-Based P/S Overlays
An Uncertainty Enhanced Trust Evolution Strategy for e-Science
Efficient Relational Techniques for Processing Graph Queries
Negative Selection of Written Language Using Character Multiset Statistics
Eventual Leader Election with Weak Assumptions on Initial Knowledge, Communication Reliability, and Synchrony
Frontal and Semi-Frontal Facial Caricature Synthesis Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Attribute-Based Signature with Policy-and-Endorsement Mechanism
Formally Analyzing Expected Time Complexity of Algorithms Using Theorem Proving
NP-Logic Systems and Model-Equivalence Reductions
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