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Multiview Visibility Estimation for Image-Based Modeling
Free Appearance-Editing with Improved Poisson Image Cloning
Formal Verification of Temporal Properties for Reduced Overhead in Grid Scientific Workflows
Structure-Based Deadlock Checking of Asynchronous Circuits
Harmonizing Melody with Meta-Structure of Piano Accompaniment Figure
Mining Effective Temporal Specifications from Heterogeneous API Data
Internet of Things: Objectives and Scientific Challenges
A Semantic Searching Scheme in Heterogeneous Unstructured P2P Networks
An Efficient Method for Cleaning Dirty-Events over Uncertain Data in WSNs
A Heuristic Algorithm for Core Selection in Multicast Routing
Minimum-Time Aggregation Scheduling in Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks
Domino Tiling: A New Method of Real-Time Conforming Mesh Construction for Rendering Changeable Height Fields
An Enhanced Drawing Reproduction Graphical Password Strategy
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