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Computational Challenges in Characterization of Bacteria and Bacteria-Host Interactions Based on Genomic Data
PartialRC: A Partial Recomputing Method for Efficient Fault Recovery on GPGPUs
Modeling a Dynamic Data Replication Strategy to Increase System Availability in Cloud Computing Environments
Checkpoint Management with Double Modular Redundancy Based on the Probability of Task Completion
A Novel Intermediary Framework for Dynamic Edge Service Composition
Fault Tolerance and Recovery for Group Communication Services in Distributed Networks
Diagnosing Traffic Anomalies Using a Two-Phase Model
Delay and Capacity Trade-offs in Mobile Wireless Networks with Infrastructure Support
A Dimensionality Reduction Framework for Detection of Multiscale Structure in Heterogeneous Networks
Term-Dependent Confidence Normalisation for Out-of-Vocabulary Spoken Term Detection
Fuzzy Distance-Based Range Queries over Uncertain Moving Objects
Bug Prioritization to Facilitate Bug Report Triage
HilAnchor: Location Privacy Protection in the Presence of Users' Preferences
Convex Decomposition Based Cluster Labeling Method for Support Vector Clustering
A Novel Similarity Measure to Induce Semantic Classes and Its Application for Language Model Adaptation in a Dialogue System
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