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Resources Snapshot Model for Concurrent Transactions in Multi-Core Processors
TSV Minimization for Circuit — Partitioned 3D SoC Test Wrapper Design
Collision Attack on the Full Extended MD4 and Pseudo-Preimage Attack on RIPEMD
Reorder Write Sequence by Hetero-Buffer to Extend SSD's Lifespan
A New Batch Verifying Scheme for Identifying Illegal Signatures
A Secure Scalar Product Protocol Against Malicious Adversaries
Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round DASH
Fuzzy Self-Adaptation of Mission-Critical Software Under Uncertainty
Towards a Formal Semantics for UML/MARTE State Machines Based on Hierarchical Timed Automata
Nondeterministic Probabilistic Petri Net — A New Method to Study Qualitative and Quantitative Behaviors of System
CSWL: Cross-SSD Wear-Leveling Method in SSD-Based RAID Systems for System Endurance and Performance
Pinned OS/Services: A Case Study of XML Parsing on Intel SCC
Power Adjusting Algorithm: A New Cross-Layer Power Saving Mechanism for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Energy Efficient Run-Time Incremental Mapping for 3-D Networks-on-Chip
Design and Implementation of an Extended Collectives Library for Unified Parallel C
MPFFT: An Auto-Tuning FFT Library for OpenCL GPUs
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