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k-Nearest Neighbor Query Processing Algorithms for a Query Region in Road Networks
Online Approach for Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Data Reduction for Portable Devices
Mining Botnets and Their Evolution Patterns
Securing Recommender Systems Against Shilling Attacks Using Social-Based Clustering
Dominant Skyline Query Processing over Multiple Time Series
SUBic: A Scalable Unsupervised Framework for Discovering High Quality Biclusters
CORE: Common Region Extension Based Multiple Protein Structure Alignment for Producing Multiple Solution
Optimizing Parallel Sn Sweeps on Unstructured Grids for Multi-Core Clusters
Thermal-Aware Post Layout Voltage-Island Generation for 3D ICs
A Robust and Power-Efficient SoC Implementation in 65nm
A Survey of Commonsense Knowledge Acquisition
Parameter Control of Genetic Algorithms by Learning and Simulation of Bayesian Networks —— A Case Study for the Optimal Ordering of Tables
A Generic Framework for Anonymous Authentication in Mobile Networks
Forgeability of Wang-Zhu-Feng-Yau's Attribute-Based Signature with Policy-and-Endorsement Mechanism
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