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Class-Driven Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Image Representation
Stroke Style Analysis for Painterly Rendering
A Novel Approach Based on Multi-View Content Analysis and SemiSupervised Enrichment for Movie Recommendation
A Novel Web Video Event Mining Framework with the Integration of Correlation and Co-Occurrence Information
A Visual Analysis Approach for Community Detection of Multi-Context Mobile Social Networks
Collaborative Interaction for Videos on Mobile Devices Based on Sketch Gestures
Learning Structure Models with Context Information for Visual Tracking
Orientation Field Guided Texture Synthesis
A Survey on Partial Retrieval of 3D Shapes
A Survey of Visual Analytics Techniques and Applications: State-of-the-Art Research and Future Challenges
Comparative Analysis of Different Evaluation Functions for Protein Structure Prediction Under the HP Model
Who Blocks Who: Simultaneous Segmentation of Occluded Objects
A Substitution-Translation-Restoration Framework for Handling Unknown Words in Statistical Machine Translation
Automatic 3D Shape Co-Segmentation Using Spectral Graph Method
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