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Improving the Performance and Energy Efficiency of Phase Change Memory Systems
A Survey of Phase Change Memory Systems
Cooperative Computing Techniques for a Deeply Fused and Heterogeneous Many-Core Processor Architecture
Survey of Large-Scale Data Management Systems for Big Data Applications
Social Influence Study in Online Networks: A Three-Level Review
Bipartite-Oriented Distributed Graph Partitioning for Big Learning
Review Authorship Attribution in a Similarity Space
A Clustering Algorithm for Planning the Integration Process of a Large Number of Conceptual Schemas
CUDA-NP: Realizing Nested Thread-Level Parallelism in GPGPU Applications
Using Memory in the Right Way to Accelerate Big Data Processing
An Efficient and Flexible Deterministic Framework for Multithreaded Programs
System-Enforced Deterministic Streaming for Efficient Pipeline Parallelism
Exploring Heterogeneous NoC Design Space in Heterogeneous GPU-CPU Architectures
CRAIS: A Crossbar-Based Interconnection Scheme on FPGA for Big Data
Adapting Memory Hierarchies for Emerging Datacenter Interconnects
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