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A Survey of Blue-Noise Sampling and Its Applications
PhotoPrev: Unifying Context and Content Cues to Enhance Personal Photo Revisitation
Efficient Video Cutout by Paint Selection
Structure-Aware Nonlocal Optimization Framework for Image Colorization
Enlarging Image by Constrained Least Square Approach with Shape Preserving
Facial similarity learning with humans in the loop
GPU Accelerated Real-time Collision Handling in Virtual Disassembly
Coherent Photon Mapping on the Intel MIC Architecture
Monocular Video Guided Garment Simulation
Spectral Animation Compression
Stretch-minimizing Volumetric Parameterization
3D Ear Shape Matching Using Joint α-Entropy
A Privacy-Preserving Attribute-Based Reputation System in Online Social Networks
Survey on Discrete Surface Ricci Flow
Design-Rule-Aware Congestion Model with Explicit Modeling of Vias and Local Pin Access Paths
Fast Level-set-based Inverse Lithography Algorithm for Process Robustness Improvement and Its Application
An Early Evaluation and Comparison of Three Private Cloud Computing Software Platforms
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