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TagCombine: Recommending Tags to Contents in Software Information Sites
Social Trust Aware Item Recommendation for Implicit Feedback
Mining Intention-Related Products on Online Q&A Community
Tag Correspondence Model for User Tag Suggestion
iBole: A Hybrid Multi-Layer Architecture for Doctor Recommendation in Medical Social Networks
Detecting Marionette Microblog Users for Improved Information Credibility
Anomaly Detection in Microblogging via Co-Clustering
Clustering Context-Dependent Opinion Target Words in Chinese Product Reviews
Microblog Sentiment Analysis with Emoticon Space Model
Towards Better Understanding of App Functions
Discovering Family Groups in Passenger Social Networks
Constructing Edge-Colored Graph for Heterogeneous Networks
Roundtable: Research Opportunities and Challenges for Emerging Software Systems
Detecting Android Malware Using Clone Detection
Balancing Frequencies and Fault Detection in the In-Parameter-Order Algorithm
A Hybrid Instance Selection Using Nearest-Neighbor for Cross-Project Defect Prediction
Multi-Factor Duplicate Question Detection in Stack Overflow
CoreDevRec: Automatic Core Member Recommendation for Contribution Evaluation
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