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An Efficient Network-on-Chip Router for Dataflow Architecture
Intelligent Visual Media Processing: When Graphics Meets Vision
A Survey on Pre-Processing in Image Matting
On Participation Constrained Team Formation
Reverse Furthest Neighbors Query in Road Networks
A Light-Weight Opportunistic Forwarding Protocol with Optimized Preamble Length for Low-Duty-Cycle Wireless Sensor Networks
High-Impact Bug Report Identification with Imbalanced Learning Strategies
Automated Testing of Web Applications Using Combinatorial Strategies
A Lookahead Read Cache: Improving Read Performance for Deduplication Backup Storage
Principles to Support Modular Software Construction
dCompaction: Speeding up Compaction of the LSM-Tree via Delayed Compaction
MemSC: A Scan-Resistant and Compact Cache Replacement Framework for Memory-Based Key-Value Cache Systems
Sparse Support Vector Machine with Lp Penalty for Feature Selection
Efficient Processing of Distributed Twig Queries Based on Node Distribution
Approximate Continuous Top-k Query over Sliding Window
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