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Providing Virtual Cloud for Special Purposes on Demand in JointCloud Computing Environment
Labeled von Neumann Architecture for Software-Defined Cloud
Evolution of Cloud Operating System: From Technology to Ecosystem
Intelligent Development Environment and Software Knowledge Graph
Experience Availability: Tail-Latency Oriented Availability in Software-Defined Cloud Computing
Architectural Design of a Cloud Robotic System for Upper-Limb Rehabilitation with Multimodal Interaction
Parallel Turing Machine, a Proposal
DLPlib: A Library for Deep Learning Processor
A Power and Area Optimization Approach of Mixed Polarity Reed-Muller Expression for Incompletely Specified Boolean Functions
A Hint Frequency Based Approach to Enhancing the I/O Performance of Multilevel Cache Storage Systems
Enhancing Security of FPGA-Based Embedded Systems with Combinational Logic Binding
A Novel Hardware/Software Partitioning Method Based on Position Disturbed Particle Swarm Optimization with Invasive Weed Optimization
Automatic Fall Detection Using Membership Based Histogram Descriptors
Parallel Incremental Frequent Itemset Mining for Large Data
A New Feistel-Type White-Box Encryption Scheme
Developer Role Evolution in Open Source Software Ecosystem: An Explanatory Study on GNOME
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