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Real-Time Avatar Pose Transfer and Motion Generation Using Locally Encoded Laplacian Offsets
Improving Data Utility Through Game Theory in Personalized Differential Privacy
CATIRI: An Efficient Method for Content-and-Text Based Image Retrieval
Space Efficient Quantization for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
A 2-Stage Strategy for Non-Stationary Signal Prediction and Recovery Using Iterative Filtering and Neural Network
A Survey on Graph Processing Accelerators: Challenges and Opportunities
Optimally Embedding 3-Ary n-Cubes into Grids
A New Approach to Multivariate Network Traffic Analysis
MicroBTC: Efficient, Flexible and Fair Micropayment for Bitcoin Using Hash Chains
Decomposing Composite Changes for Code Review and Regression Test Selection in Evolving Software
On Identifying and Explaining Similarities in Android Apps
Revisiting the Parallel Strategy for DOACROSS Loops
Plug-and-Play Based Optimization Algorithm for New Crime Density Estimation
Lossless Compression of Random Forests
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