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CBSC: A Crowdsensing System for Automatic Calibrating of Barometers
DP-Share: Privacy-Preserving Software Defect Prediction Model Sharing Through Differential Privacy
Cross Project Defect Prediction via Balanced Distribution Adaptation Based Transfer Learning
Threshold Extraction Framework for Software Metrics
Side-Channel Analysis for the Authentication Protocols of CDMA Cellular Networks
Degree-of-Node Task Scheduling of Fine-Grained Parallel Programs on Heterogeneous Systems
CR-Morph: Controllable Rigid Morphing for 2D Animation
DEMC: A Deep Dual-Encoder Network for Denoising Monte Carlo Rendering
A Locating Method for Reliability-Critical Gates with a Parallel-Structured Genetic Algorithm
CK-Modes Clustering Algorithm Based on Node Cohesion in Labeled Property Graph
Bug Triaging Based on Tossing Sequence Modeling
Semi-Supervised Learning Based Tag Recommendation for Docker Repositories
Automatic Detection and Repair Recommendation for Missing Checks
Graph Embedding Based API Graph Search and Recommendation
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