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HybridTune: Spatio-Temporal Performance Data Correlation for Performance Diagnosis of Big Data Systems
An Efficient Framework for Multiple Subgraph Pattern Matching Models
Interval Estimation for Aggregate Queries on Incomplete Data
Adversarial Heterogeneous Network Embedding with Metapath Attention Mechanism
Modeling Temporal Dynamics of Users' Purchase Behaviors for Next Basket Prediction
Large-Scale Estimation of Distribution Algorithms with Adaptive Heavy Tailed Random Projection Ensembles
Progressive Furniture Model Decimation with Texture Preservation
Weakly- and Semi-Supervised Fast Region-Based CNN for Object Detection
A Geometric Strategy Algorithm for Orthogonal Projection onto a Parametric Surface
Artistic Augmentation of Photographs with Droplets
Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Screening via Cascaded Framework Based on Image- and Lesion-Level Features Fusion
Security Attacks in Named Data Networking: A Review and Research Directions
An Efficient Approach for Mitigating Covert Storage Channel Attacks in Virtual Machines by the Anti-Detection Criterion
Tightly Secure Public-Key Cryptographic Schemes from One-More Assumptions
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