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ProSy: API-Based Synthesis with Probabilistic Model
Learning Human-Written Commit Messages to Document Code Changes
Automatically Identifying Calling-Prone Higher-Order Functions of Scala Programs to Assist Testers
Reachability of Patterned Conditional Pushdown Systems
Specification and Verification of the Zab Protocol with TLA+
Modelling and Verification of Real-Time Publish and Subscribe Protocol Using UPPAAL and Simulink/Stateflow
Jupiter Made Abstract, and Then Refined
Verifying ReLU Neural Networks from a Model Checking Perspective
Modular Verification of SPARCv8 Code
Automatic Buffer Overflow Warning Validation
Predicting Code Smells and Analysis of Predictions: Using Machine Learning Techniques and Software Metrics
Neural Explainable Recommender Model Based on Attributes and Reviews
Topic Modeling Based Warning Prioritization from Change Sets of Software Repository
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