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A Character Flow Framework for Multi-Oriented Scene Text Detection
Multi-Feature Super-Resolution Network for Cloth Wrinkle Synthesis
ReLoc: Indoor Visual Localization with Hierarchical Sitemap and View Synthesis
Is It Easy to Recognize Baby's Age and Gender?
A Revisit of Shape Editing Techniques: From the Geometric to the Neural Viewpoint
3D Object Tracking with Adaptively Weighted Local Bundles
CNLPA-MVS: Coarse-Hypotheses Guided Non-Local PAtchMatch Multi-View Stereo
Partial Label Learning via Conditional-Label-Aware Disambiguation
Source-Free Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Sample Transport Learning
Multi-Scale Deep Cascade Bi-Forest for Electrocardiogram Biometric Recognition
A Survey of Text Summarization Approaches Based on Deep Learning
Personal Information Self-Management: A Survey of Technologies Supporting Administrative Services
SE-Chain: A Scalable Storage and Efficient Retrieval Model for Blockchain
Inverse Markov Process Based Constrained Dynamic Graph Layout
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