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COLIN: A Cache-Conscious Dynamic Learned Index with High Read/Write Performance
WATuning: A Workload-Aware Tuning System with Attention-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning
Cardinality Estimator: Processing SQL with a Vertical Scanning Convolutional Neural Network
TransGPerf: Exploiting Transfer Learning for Modeling Distributed Graph Computation Performance
Efficient Model Store and Reuse in an OLML Database System
Impacts of Dirty Data on Classification and Clustering Models: An Experimental Evaluation
Mixed Hierarchical Networks for Deep Entity Matching
Using Markov Chain Based Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for Model-Based Safety Analysis of Graph Transformation
An Empirical Comparison Between Tutorials and Crowd Documentation of Application Programming Interface
Order-Revealing Encryption: File-Injection Attack and Forward Security
A Heuristic Sampling Method for Maintaining the Probability Distribution
Method for Processing Graph Degeneracy in Dynamic Geometry Based on Domain Design
Discovering API Directives from API Specifications with Text Classification
Multi-Attribute Preferences Mining Method for Group Users with the Process of Noise Reduction
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