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GAM: A GPU-Accelerated Algorithm for MaxRS Queries in Road Networks
Experiments and Analyses of Anonymization Mechanisms for Trajectory Data Publishing
Efficient Partitioning Method for Optimizing the Compression on Array Data
Discovering Cohesive Temporal Subgraphs with Temporal Density Aware Exploration
Incremental User Identification Across Social Networks Based on User-Guider Similarity Index
An Exercise Collection Auto-Assembling Framework with Knowledge Tracing and Reinforcement Learning
Enhancing N-Gram Based Metrics with Semantics for Better Evaluation of Abstractive Text Summarization
Universal Image Steganalysis Based on Convolutional Neural Network with Global Covariance Pooling
Neural Emotion Detection via Personal Attributes
Towards Defense Against Adversarial Attacks on Graph Neural Networks via Calibrated Co-Training
Reliability and Incentive of Performance Assessment for Decentralized Clouds
FlexPDA: A Flexible Programming Framework for Deep Learning Accelerators
Quasi-Developable B-Spline Surface Design with Control Rulings
PLQ: An Efficient Approach to Processing Pattern-Based Log Queries
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