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Tetris: A Heuristic Static Memory Management Framework for Uniform Memory Multicore Neural Network Accelerators
SOCA-DOM: A Mobile System-on-Chip Array System for Analyzing Big Data on the Move
TLP-LDPC: Three-Level Parallel FPGA Architecture for Fast Prototyping of LDPC Decoder Using High-Level Synthesis
RV16: An Ultra-Low-Cost Embedded RISC-V Processor Core
Answering Non-Answer Questions on Reverse Top-k Geo-Social Keyword Queries
I/O Efficient Early Bursting Cohesive Subgraph Discovery in Massive Temporal Networks
An Efficient Reinforcement Learning Game Framework for UAV-Enabled Wireless Sensor Network Data Collection
Neural Attentional Relation Extraction with Dual Dependency Trees
Improving Parameter Estimation and Defensive Ability of Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model Training Under Rényi Differential Privacy
Minimum Epsilon-Kernel Computation for Large-Scale Data Processing
ML-Parser: An Efficient and Accurate Online Log Parser
Synthetic Data Generation and Shuffled Multi-Round Training Based Offline Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition
Improving Friend Recommendation for Online Learning with Fine-Grained Evolving Interest
Towards Exploring Large Molecular Space: An Efficient Chemical Genetic Algorithm
Real-Time Semantic Segmentation via an Efficient Multi-Column Network
A QoS Based Reliable Routing Mechanism for Service Customization
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