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Facebook and Tencent Data Fit a Cube Law Better than Metcalfe’s Law
Editorial Board (in alphabetical order)
On the Security of Smart Home Systems: A Survey
A Survey of Approximate Computing: From Arithmetic Units Design to High-Level Applications
A Survey of Reliability Issues Related to Approximate Circuits
An Optimization Technique for PMF Estimation in Approximate Circuits
LMM: A Fixed-Point Linear Mapping Based Approximate Multiplier for IoT
Approximate Processing Element Design and Analysis for the Implementation of CNN Accelerators
LayCO: Achieving Least Lossy Accuracy for Most Efficient RRAM-Based Deep Neural Network Accelerator via Layer-Centric Co-Optimization
A Survey of Non-Volatile Main Memory File Systems
Isolate Sets Based Parallel Louvain Method for Community Detection
A Prefetch-Adaptive Intelligent Cache Replacement Policy Based on Machine Learning
Parallel Software-Based Self-Testing with Bounded Model Checking for Kilo-Core Networks-on-Chip
Secure Speculation via Speculative Secret Flow Tracking
Single Image Deraining Using Residual Channel Attention Networks
Optimization of Web Service Testing Task Assignment in Crowdtesting Environment
Editorial Board of Young Scientists
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