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What’s Missing in Agile Hardware Design? Verification!
Functional Verification for Agile Processor Development: A Case for Workflow Integration
Joint Participant Selection and Learning Optimization for Federated Learning of Multiple Models in Edge Cloud
Prepartition: Load Balancing Approach for Virtual Machine Reservations in a Cloud Data Center
Improving Performance of Virtual Machine Covert Timing Channel Through Optimized Run-Length Encoding
Evaluating RISC-V Vector Instruction Set Architecture Extension with Computer Vision Workloads
Probabilistic Fault Diagnosis of Clustered Faults for Multiprocessor Systems
Unsupervised Dialogue State Tracking for End-to-End Task-Oriented Dialogue with a Multi-Span Prediction Network
Improving BERT Fine-Tuning via Self-Ensemble and Self-Distillation
PESTA: An Elastic Motion Capture Data Retrieval Method
Real-Time Underwater Image Enhancement Using Adaptive Full-Scale Retinex
DyPipe: A Holistic Approach to Accelerating Dynamic NeuralNetworks with Dynamic Pipelining
Multimodal Interactive Network for Sequential Recommendation
Context-Aware Semantic Type Identification for Relational Attributes
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