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Transition Texture Synthesis

Yueh-Yi Lai and Wen-Kai Tai   

  1. Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, "National Dong Hwa University'', Hualien 97401 Taiwan, China
  • Received:2006-12-14 Revised:2007-11-29 Online:2008-03-15 Published:2008-03-10

Synthesis of transition textures is essential for displaying visually acceptable appearances on a terrain. This investigation presents a modified method for synthesizing the transition texture to be tiled on a terrain. All transition pattern types are recognized for a number of input textures. The proposed modified patch-based sampling texture synthesis approach, using the extra feature map of the input source and target textures for patch matching, can synthesize any transition texture on a succession pattern by initializing the output texture using a portion of the source texture enclosed in a transition cut. The transition boundary is further enhanced to improve the visual effect by tracing out the integral texture elements. Either the Game of Life model or Wang tiles method are exploited to present a good-looking profile of successions on a terrain for tiling transition textures. Experimental results indicate that the proposed method requires few input textures, yet synthesizes numerous tileable transition textures, which are useful for obtaining a vivid appearance of a terrain.

Key words: Steiner tree; complexity theory; combination optimization;

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