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Algebraic Construction for Zero-Knowledge Sets
WWW Business Applications Based on the Cellular Model
An Efficient Clustering Algorithm for k-Anonymisation
Competitive Analysis of Two Special Online Device Replacement Problems
Cryptanalysis of a Type of CRT-Based RSA Algorithms
WNN-Based Network Security Situation Quantitative Prediction Method and Its Optimization
Constructing Maximum Entropy Language Models for Movie Review Subjectivity Analysis
Generic Transformation from Weakly to Strongly Unforgeable Signatures
New Sealed-Bid Electronic Auction with Fairness, Security and Efficiency
Forgeability of Wang-Tang-Li s ID-Based Restrictive Partially Blind Signature Scheme
A Robust and Fast Non-Local Means Algorithm for Image Denoising
Transition Texture Synthesis
Proper Reparametrization of Rational Ruled Surface
Chip Multithreaded Consistency Model
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