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A New Representation and Algorithm for Constructing Convex Hulls in Higher Dim ensional Spaces
Test Derivation Through Critical Path Transitions
Pseudo-Random Test Generation for Large Combinational Circuits
Octree Representation and Its Applications in CAD
HEPAPS:A PCB Automatic Placement System
Information Model for Product Modeling
A Basic Algorithm for Computer-Aided Design of Material Arrangement
The Location of Singular and Inflection Points for Planar Cubic B-Spline Curve
An Algorithm for Finding D-Time Table
Requirements and Issues for Handling Chinese in Internationalized Applications
Polynomial Tests of Normal Forms and Some Related Results
Error Recovery in a Real-Time Multiprocessor System
AECAM:An Extension Matrix Algorithm on a Cellular Automata Machine
Using a Student Model to Improve Explanation in an ITS
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