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Structure of Weakly Invertible Semi-Input-Memory Finite Automata with Delay 1
An Interlingua-Based Chinese-English MT System
Four-Point Wavelets and Their Applications
A New Algebraic Modelling Approach to Distributed Problem-Solving in MAS
Blending Parametric Patches with Subdivision Surfaces
The Contiguity in R/M
A Hybrid Model for Smoke Simulation
The Existence Condition of r-Acyclic Database Schemes with MVDs Constraints
Data Extraction from the Web Based on Pre-Defined Schema
A Transactional Asynchronous Replication Scheme for Mobile Database Systems
Hybrid Broadcast for the Video-on-Demand Service
Optimal Bandwidth Utilization of All-Optical Ring with a Converter of Degree 4
An Effective Feedback Control Mechanism for DiffServ Architecture
A Component-Based Software Configuration Management Model and Its Supporting System
Run-Time Data-Flow Analysis
An Attack-Finding Algorithm for Security Protocols
Word Spotting Based on a posterior Measure of Keyword Confidence
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