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Parallel Switch System with QoS Guarantee for Real-Time Traffic
Design and Analysis of a Multiscale Active Queue Management Scheme
Bandwidth Reservation Using Velocity and Handoff Statistics for Cellular Networks
Hybrid Nanoelectronics: Future of Computer Technology
Low-Complexity Bit-Parallel Multiplier over GF(2$^m$) Using Dual Basis Representation
Toward the Optimal Configuration of Dynamic Voltage Scaling Points in Real-Time Applications
Parallel Error Detection for Leading Zero Anticipation
Test Time Minimization for Hybrid BIST of Core-Based Systems
Priority-Based Routing Resource Assignment Considering Crosstalk
General Floorplans with L/T-Shaped Blocks Using Corner Block List
Influences of Gate Operation Errors in the Quantum Counting Algorithm
Verification of Authentication Protocols for Epistemic Goals via SAT Compilation
Direct Model Checking Matrix Algorithm
A Note on the Stopping Redundancy of Linear Codes
EAFoC: Enterprise Architecture Framework Based on Commonality
Code Based Analysis for Object-Oriented Systems
Improvement of Performance of MegaBlast Algorithm for DNA Sequence Alignment
A Note on Non-Closure Property of Sublogarithmic Space-Bounded 1-Inkdot Alternating Pushdown Automata with Only Existential (Universal) States
Semi-Online Algorithms for Scheduling with Machine Cost
Effective I/O Scheme Based on RTP for Multimedia Communication Systems
Inter-Cluster Routing Authentication for Ad Hoc Networks by a Hierarchical Key Scheme
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