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Hybrid Nanoelectronics: Future of Computer Technology
Wei Wang, Ming Liu, Andrew Hsu
2006, 21(6): 871-886.
Low-Complexity Bit-Parallel Multiplier over GF(2$^m$) Using Dual Basis Representation
Chiou-Yng Lee, Jenn-Shyong Horng, I-Chang Jou
2006, 21(6): 887-892.
Toward the Optimal Configuration of Dynamic Voltage Scaling Points in Real-Time Applications
Hui-Zhan Yi, Xue-Jun Yang
2006, 21(6): 893-900.
Parallel Error Detection for Leading Zero Anticipation
Ge Zhang, Wei-Wu Hu, Zi-Chu Qi
2006, 21(6): 901-906.
Test Time Minimization for Hybrid BIST of Core-Based Systems
Gert Jervan, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng, Raimund Ubar, Maksim Jenihhin
2006, 21(6): 907-912.
Priority-Based Routing Resource Assignment Considering Crosstalk
Yi-Ci Cai, Bin Liu, Yan Xiong, Qiang Zhou, Xian-Long Hong
2006, 21(6): 913-921.
General Floorplans with L/T-Shaped Blocks Using Corner Block List
Yu-Chun Ma, Xian-Long Hong, She-Qin Dong, C. K. Cheng, Jun Gu
2006, 21(6): 922-926.
Influences of Gate Operation Errors in the Quantum Counting Algorithm
Qing Ai, Yan-Song Li, Gui-Lu Long
2006, 21(6): 927-931.
Verification of Authentication Protocols for Epistemic Goals via SAT Compilation
Kai-Le Su, Qing-Liang Chen, Abdul Sattar, Wei-Ya Yue, Guan-Feng Lv, Xi-Zhong Zheng
2006, 21(6): 932-943.
Direct Model Checking Matrix Algorithm
Zhi-Hong Tao, Hans Kleine Büning, Li-Fu Wang
2006, 21(6): 944-949.
A Note on the Stopping Redundancy of Linear Codes
Shu-Tao Xia
2006, 21(6): 950-951.
EAFoC: Enterprise Architecture Framework Based on Commonality
Jin-Woo Kim, Ju-Hum Kwon, Young-Gab Kim, Chee-Yang Song, Hyun-Seok Kim, Doo-Kwon Baik
2006, 21(6): 952-964.
Code Based Analysis for Object-Oriented Systems
Swapan Bhattacharya, Ananya Kanjilal
2006, 21(6): 965-972.
Improvement of Performance of MegaBlast Algorithm for DNA Sequence Alignment
Guang-Ming Tan, Lin Xu, Dong-Bo Bu, Sheng-Zhong Feng, Ning-Hui Sun
2006, 21(6): 973-978.
A Note on Non-Closure Property of Sublogarithmic Space-Bounded 1-Inkdot Alternating Pushdown Automata with Only Existential (Universal) States
Jian-Liang Xu, Yun-Xia Liu, Tsunehiro Yoshinaga
2006, 21(6): 979-983.
Semi-Online Algorithms for Scheduling with Machine Cost
Yi-Wei Jiang, Yong He
2006, 21(6): 984-988.
Effective I/O Scheme Based on RTP for Multimedia Communication Systems
Nam-Sup Park, Chong-Sun Hwang
2006, 21(6): 989-996.
Inter-Cluster Routing Authentication for Ad Hoc Networks by a Hierarchical Key Scheme
Yueh-Min Huang, Hua-Yi Lin, Tzone-I Wang
2006, 21(6): 997-011.
Parallel Switch System with QoS Guarantee for Real-Time Traffic
Wen-Jie Li, Bin Liu, Yang Xu, Heng Liao
2006, 21(6): 1012-1021.
Design and Analysis of a Multiscale Active Queue Management Scheme
Qi-Jin Ji, Yong-Qiang Dong
2006, 21(6): 1022-1030.
Bandwidth Reservation Using Velocity and Handoff Statistics for Cellular Networks
Chuan-Lin Zhang, Kam Yiu Lam, Wei-Jia Jia
2006, 21(6): 1031-1039.
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