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t-Private and t-Secure Auctions
Design and Performance Evaluation of Sequence Partition Algorithms
Some Aspects of Synchronization of DFA
Searching a Polygonal Region by Two Guards
On Constrained Facility Location Problems
Approximation Algorithms for 3D Orthogonal Knapsack
Approximation Algorithm Based on Chain Implication for Constrained Minimum Vertex Covers in Bipartite Graphs
Analysis and Implementation of an Open Programmable Router Based on Forwarding and Control Element Separation
Scalable Base-Station Model-Based Multicast in Wireless Sensor Networks
Parallel Algorithm Core: A Novel IPSec Algorithm Engine for Both Exploiting Parallelism and Improving Scalability
Uplink Scheduling for Supporting Real Time Voice Traffic in IEEE 802.16 Backhaul Networks
Flood Avoidance Mechanisms for Bridged Resilient Packet Rings
A Class of Key Predistribution Schemes Based on Orthogonal Arrays
A Provable Secure ID-Based Explicit Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol Without Random Oracles
Some Notes on Generalized Cyclotomic Sequences of Length pq
Palmprint Recognition by Applying Wavelet-Based Kernel PCA
Free-Form Deformation with Rational DMS-Spline Volumes
Guiding Attention by Cooperative Cues
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