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Understanding Science Through the Computational Lens
New Methodologies for Parallel Architecture
Internetware: An Emerging Software Paradigm for Internet Computing
A Programming Language Approach to Internet-Based Virtual Computing Environment
Three New Concepts of Future Computer Science
Possibilities for Healthcare Computing
Overview of Center for Domain-Specific Computing
The Challenges of Multidisciplinary Education in Computer Science
DHC: Distributed, Hierarchical Clustering in Sensor Networks
Bootstrapping Object Coreferencing on the Semantic Web
Guided Structure-Aware Review Summarization
Aggressive Complex Event Processing with Confidence over Out-of-Order Streams
Provably Secure Role-Based Encryption with Revocation Mechanism
Improvement on the Multihop Shareholder Discovery for Threshold Secret Sharing in MANETs
Differential Attack on Five Rounds of the SC2000 Block Cipher
A New Protocol for the Detection of Node Replication Attacks in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Impossible Differential Attacks on 13-Round CLEFIA-128
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